How nice that you found your way here!

I’m Juliane, a wedding photographer and filmmaker in Nuremberg, Germany & Europe.

Pronoun: she/her

Your wedding is a new world, full of beauty, love, and bliss, and I want to preserve those moments for you, your children, and your grandchildren, just as you experienced it. I love delving deep, looking beyond facades, and discovering the many wonders behind them.

Let me immerse myself in your world by telling me something about you and your plans.

Hochzeitsfotograf Nuernberg: Juliane Kaeppel

“You were a great support to us all day long and really captured the day beautifully! The photos are a dream! We are totally thrilled” – Sarah & Christoph

Hochzeitsfotograf freie Trauung auf Schloss Burgfarrnbach

Why weddings?

Rarely in life do you focus so much on what makes you who you are than on your wedding day. Not only that, but what your connection as a couple means to you and what wonderful people you are for your most important companions – your parents, siblings, and closest friends.

Much of what happens on this day is unique and will never be the same again! There will be moments when you can hardly believe your happiness:

  • When you meet for the first time on this day.
  • When your parents can’t hold back their tears of pride during your vows.
  • When your grandma embraces you with all her warmth and heartgrateful to experience this moment with you.

Fall and immerse yourself in every moment anew – in the here and now! You don’t have to capture a single moment – that’s what I’m here for.

I want to get to know youunderstand who you are and what is important to you!

How do you envision your big day if anything were possible?

Typical Juliane

Story lover! I don’t just love telling stories, above all, I love experiencing them – whether in books, on the big screen, on the (opera) stage, or in real life, stories are what I live for.

I was born in a country that no longer exists – feet first. 

When I take photographs, I’m completely in the moment. My focus is entirely on the here and now – just like in meditation or a yoga session.

In the summer, I like to spend time in our wonderfully green, large garden – there is plenty of space for gardening, playing with our two kids, or relaxing in the hammock.

I love the straight lines of Bauhaus design, natural materials (stone, wood & natural fibers), and the connection between old and modern. Our coffee mill house from 1930 is a tribute to the simple, straight architectural style of that time – everything that was (and is) preserved from back then was lovingly restored by us – or returned to its original state. Only the rooms on the ground floor have been opened up through wall breakthroughs, creating much more space. I have many ideas – and my husband Hannes has the inexhaustible energy to implement them!

“But what was especially important to us was Juliane’s calm, professional (and also very lovely) manner, with which she accompanied us throughout the day. It was simply pleasant, without the photography being the “center of attention”.” – Katharina & Stefan

Film & Photography: A Love Story in 5 Acts

Overture – My first love

As a girl, stories fascinated me. I couldn’t wait to learn every single letter to devour all the books I could get my hands on – for days on end and often all night long. As I got older, I tore tickets at the cinema to experience one film after another on the big screen. Profound stories, epic images, and music that made every single hair stand on end completely captivated me…

Here the story continues...

Act I – Fame! I’m gonna learn how to fly – but not very high…

That’s why I did everything I could to prepare for film school – and then everything changed. I wasn’t up to the physical challenges on the film set and I quickly lost the strength to carry lights that were bigger than me and lay cables that measured the diameter of my arms.

Act II – Catch me if you can

I started my photography apprenticeship, traveled the world, and photographed luxury hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants, and exclusive golf courses – Creating memories of the warm wind hitting my face, the taste of salty sea breezes, and a refreshing breath of the clear mountain air.

Act III – Actually… Love

My first wedding shoot in 2010, just after finishing my apprenticeship, was more of a coincidence – and suddenly I found myself in a world full of profound stories and beautiful moments. Weddings took up an increasingly large part of my life, and my work as an advertising photographer increasingly took a back seat. But it wasn’t until 2016, after the birth of our oldest daughter, that I took the leap into full time self-employment as a wedding photographer.

Act IV – Many Weddings – and a Funeral

For over 10 years, I have preserved the special moments of my couples only in photos. On the day I had to let my grandmother go, my perspective on my work fundamentally changed. After her funeral, I took the photo album of her school trip on my lap. For a moment, she came back to life through her photos. I saw her dreams as a young woman, and recognized a large part of myself in those yearning, profound eyes. And in me arose a great desire to make this wonderful feeling tangible for others – as deep and intense as possible.

Act V  – My Treasure

The key to my treasure was buried under a layer more than 15 years old in my past, and it still feels to me today as if I have unearthed a new treasure: In films, I have found this depth and intensity – and at the same time realized the value that photos also hold. Combining both, where photos and films show their greatest strengths, is the most beautiful, deepest, and most emotional way to preserve memories like a treasure!

Now you have learned a lot about me – but at your wedding, it’s all about YOU and YOUR own love story.

Hochzeitsfoto Schloss Hemhofen Erlangen Reportage

“With her calm and empathetic manner, Juliane manages to capture an authentic laugh even from the most camera-shy man. Never intrusive, but always at the right moment in the right situation, Juliane has succeeded in creating beautiful, varied, and emotional images that have become a treasure for us, which we like to look at over and over again and which puts a happy smile on our faces :).” – Maria & Wolfgang

Hochzeitsfotograf Nuernberg: Fotoalbum Hochzeit "Book of Love"

A family heirloom for your grandchildren

When you look at your wedding photos, your gaze will be drawn to the beautiful and one of a kind love you have for each other. With my work, I want to cast out an anchor for you, a reminder in the midst of hectic and unexpected life moments, of why you chose each other, what makes your love so powerful, and what makes you the perfect match.

Your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren will one day receive the pictures of your wedding like a precious family heirloom and recognize a part of you in themselves – just like I did when I leafed through my grandma’s photo album.

Let’s create vivid memories together.

This is a safe space for everyone!

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